The Noticer

The Noticer by Andy Andrews is a great story, written as an allegory of sorts.  The author begins by telling a bit of his own story, how he came from nothing, and how with a bit of perspective, he grew to become a very successful speaker.  Of course, as is a work of fiction, Andy took the liberty of introducing the person of Jones into his own life story.  It’s just Jones, no mister.

Jones first appears in Andy’s life when he was at his worst, crying underneath a pier. Jones does what he always does and introduces a new perspective on his life to Andy.  He leaves shortly after imparting his wisdom, but not before giving him a few books to read. Biographies of successful people who came from nothing. Andy reads those books, and reads and reads more and more, and it wasn’t long before the things he learns from these people begin to turn his life around.

The story picks up years later and Andy has become a successful author and motivational speaker (basically what the author is today). He runs into Jones again and guess what?  Jones is in the middle of changing another life around.  Jones is, as he calls himself, a Noticer.  He notices things that others don’t.  Jones is an elderly man with white hair who just wears jeans a white t-shirt and flip flops and carries an old suitcase.  It seems that Jones does nothing but going around from person to person imparting his wisdom, or as he calls it “Perspective”.  But who is this Jones and why does he keep showing up at the perfect time in the perfect place with exactly the right nugget of wisdom and perspective that you needed?  Jones solves all kinds of problems – marriages teetering on the brink of divorce, people simply giving up on life, business people on the verge of bankruptcy, and on and on as Jones goes from one person to the next.

It is Jones’ perspective that this entire book revolves around. This is probably the best aspect of the book, as I highly enjoyed learning these new things in the context of story.  I certainly would not have reacted the same way if I had been reading some book that just told me how to make my life better and how to look at things with a new perspective. It is this stunning story that draws me in and will for you too!  I learned a lot more from this book than I could have any other way, and the story is very interesting and exciting too!  Go pick it up at a local bookstore or for yourself or a friend.  If you want to learn something or if you just want to sit down with a good book by the fire, this is the book for you!

Andy Andrews, hailed by a New York Times writer as someone who has become “one of the most influential people in America,” is a best-selling novelist and in-demand corporate speaker for the world’s largest organizations. He has spoken at the request of four different U.S. presidents.


4 thoughts on “The Noticer

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for mentioning The Noticer on your blog! I work with Thomas Nelson, and we would love to follow your blog and hear what your readers think of this book. I also want to let you know that Andy Andrews’s latest release The Heart Mender is now available (*revised and updated version of Island of Saints). Please contact me with your mailing address if you are interested in receiving a complimentary copy of The Heart Mender for review on your site at your convenience.


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