Burn by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

Ted Dekker’s recent novel, written alongside Erin Healy, is an amazing and powerful novel based on the battle between the good and the evil within us.  It is a trip into the realm of the paranormal and the twists will leave your head spinning.  When I was reading this book there were many times that I had to stop and wrap my head around what had just happened.  Sometimes people gave me funny looks as I kept saying WOW! aloud throughout the book.  It is in this book, simply entitled Burn, that you will fall down a previously unseen rabbit-hole.

Janeal Mikkado has lived all of her life with her Gypsy family and is growing tired of their way of life.  Every time that she ventures outside of the kumpania (community), she wishes more that she could leave.  One day a man named Salazar Sanso approaches her as she sits on a hill overlooking her home.  It seems he offers an answer to her problem.  He tells her that her father is working with the DEA to bring down Salazar, and he asks her to do just one thing and he promises to not take her father’s life.  He also promises an opportunity to leave once and for all.  When things go horrifically wrong Salazar returns to collect and burns down the kumpania. Janeal and her friend are trapped in the fire and she is faced with an impossible choice that will haunt her for years to come.  Should she risk her own life to save her best friend, or leave her friend to burn to death and have a chance to survive and leave with a million dollars? Janeal made her choice and her best friend died, or did she?

Fifteen years later Janeal’s life is in jeopardy again.  She is now pursued by those from her past that she thought were dead.  Sanso has also returned from her past and will do anything to get her.  Janeal fears that they will uncover her past and the decisions that still haunt her.  There is a debt to be paid for what she has done, and the chaff must be burned from her heart or it will consume her.  With twist after twist, your brain could get all tied in a knot reading this great book!

Burn is full of allegory and there is much to be learned and it introduces these things in such a way that drives you crazy.  Burn is such a great novel and incredibly suspenseful!  I would recommend it to anyone!  I loved trying to figure it all out as I went, and Ted and Erin threw in enough twists that it kept me guessing at every turn.  I loved it and so will you.  Check it out for yourself at a local bookstore or get it online as well.


2 thoughts on “Burn by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

  1. Thanks for stopping by 🙂
    Great review, glad you enjoyed this one too. It really makes a person think about the impact that their decisions can have on so many other things.

  2. Great book review, I have just started reading Ted Dekker’s book called Adam. I am only through the first 10 chapters, and I am having a hard time putting it down without seeing what comes next.

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