Arson by Estevan Vega

Arson by Estevan Vega is a tragic tale of a boy who is called by the name Arson Gable.  Arson has lived his whole life running from people who would judge him for the events of his past, but now those events seem to be catching up with him.  However he isn’t the only one running, everyone seems to be running from their own past.  Arson is always remembering the tragic day that changed his life forever through fire.  That day changed him in more ways than one, he now wields the power of flame from within his very hands.  He lives in his grandparents home as his mother died in childbirth and his father left him forever.  Arson’s life changes dramatically the day that a new family moves in next door.  But this family is different, and they are running from something as well.  It is then that he meets the girl with the mask, the girl that changes his life forever.  What follows is so fast paced and adrenaline laced that it is truly amazing.  Even the slower parts are so filled with intriguing story that you just cannot put it down!

You read this book trying to see what is around the next corner for Arson and his masked friend, and how will this story end?  How could such a story with so much within its pages conclude?  Now that was really something else, and though I admit it was a slightly abrupt ending that left me wanting more, it was exactly thatwanting that kept my mind creating the rest on my own. That is really one of the most engaging parts of the story, as you really want to know whathappens to arson after the last words on the page have been read.  You create the ending.  You get to ask, what happened to?… did she really?…. did he?… and though it might drive you crazy it is quite engaging to be able to do that.

I actually love the way the book was put together with Estevan Vega’s short story The Borrower as I was drawn rather quickly in reading that as well, and so I have posted a review of that as well for your enjoyment.  I definitely would recommend this book to anyone looking for an exciting and interesting tale, it certaintly had my heart pounding at many points.  And in case you still have doubts, those of you that are swayed by book covers sitting on the shelves, this book is certainly a cool one! I have also posted the book trailer for your enjoyment here:

About Estevan Vega:

“Close your eyes. Close your eyes and picture this.” To a ten year old, the simple task of sitting still and closing your eyes is almost as complicated as summoning an imagination after a lengthy reprieve from the world of make-believe. But both were required in order to bring Estevan Vega to where he is today. These simple words forced a disinterested child into writing. And the good grades and attentive audience that seemed to follow didn’t hurt.

Vega was born in 1989 in Connecticut, where he currently resides. Growing up, he fell in love with sketching comic book superheroes, watching movies, and listening to rock music. While his passion for art still remains, he now focuses his time on creating rather than copying someone else’s work through a picture. When he was 12, he knew he wanted to be a writer, so he began Servant of the Realm, what would become his first published book. Though the book wasn’t a national best-seller, it became the catalyst for everything that was to come. The Sacred Sin, a dark, psychological thriller about a soul-stealing madman, was released three years later to considerable acclaim. These two published titles spawned a number of radio and television interviews, along with a blog tour and a book tour.

But still Vega felt there was a more important story lurking inside of him, one that wanted out.

His slow and intense rise into the literary world is rather fitting, considering the slow and intense burn that remains long after the final page of his latest and most personal novel to date, ARSON. Compared to Jumper, Twilight, even Stephen King’s Firestarter, there is no question that it will be the tour de force of the summer. Part realistic, part supernatural, it is a beautiful and breathtaking blend of regret and redemption.

Estevan Vega’s ultimate goal as a writer is to walk the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere…stay tuned.

I was given a copy of this book by Estevan but I was not asked to write a positive review on it, I quite simply really enjoyed this book as I truly hope you will as well!


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