The Borrower: A short story by Estevan Vega

The Borrower is a chilling tale as told by the brilliant mind that is Estevan Vega.  He. oh so eloquently speaks of life and of death in such a way that is both eerie and beautiful.  This short story speaks of a man that has lived for several centuries because of a choice he one made to live forever.  It speaks of loss and grief and warns us against the perils of wanting more than we have been granted on this earth.  Estevan creates his tale in such a way that reminds me strongly of many an Edgar Allen Poe story.  The beginning of his tale is a little hectic though and does take a little to get into, but the writing skill is very very prevalent and so I applaud Estevan for this work.  It had me intrigued and really made me think about what was really going on.  I do wish to note that though I was given the book by the author as a part of his new book Arson, this in no way influenced my opinion of his work.  I supremely enjoyed it and I hope you will pick up a copy of Arson if only to flip to the back to read this short story of his, truly brilliant! (Please don’t just flip to the back however as Arson is truly a great read as well, and I will post my review of that later on today! I do hope you enjoy it, I sure did!)


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