Havah by Tosca Lee

Tosca Lee thrilled me with her last book, Demon: A Memoir and now she enthralls me with her newest book Havah.  This book elegantly tells the tale of a woman we all have heard of but know too little about.  Tosca goes deep into the tale of Eve in this novel and tells the tale that was never told.

What was it like to wake up and find yourself a new creation with only one companion called Adam?  What was it like to walk among the trees and flowers of the garden of Eden?  Most of all, what was it like to find yourself exiled from Eden only to live the rest of your life with pain and sorrow?  These are the questions that Tosca asked herself and oh so elegantly answered within these pages.  Havah is an adventure within the mind, body, and soul of one we could only dream of meeting, and yet Tosca writes so well that you could only think she had interviewed the person herself!

As Havah, the name chosen for Eve by Adam, continues on with her life she must face many troubles as she raises her children keeping them safe from harm.  Try as she might to protect her babies, she faces heartbreak as the classic tale of Cain killing Abel unfolds in front of her.  One might ask what could that have been like to live through?  Well this book answers that.

Throughout her lifetime Havah looks forward to one thing, the deliverance promised by The One, and awaits the coming of the one who will deliver them back unto Eden.  While she is pregnant with her first child she views him as a “compass” back to where they had come.

When you read through the pages of Havah, you are drawn by forces unknown that keep you glued to the pages.  It is thanks to these forces that I have heartily enjoyed this book.  I couldn’t put it down, and even when I was incredibly busy I found myself wanting to read more and more of it!

I definitely recommend reading Havah for yourself as it is an exciting and wonderful read that will have you turning pages faster than you thought possible!


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