The Place by Kevin Kaiser

I recently read a short story by Kevin Kaiser, brand manager of Creative Trust and the man behind Ted Dekker.  He is a very creative person and I thought it would be cool to share my thoughts on that short story that he wrote.  It currently goes by the title of The Place and it really seems to be an exploration of the ideas of what a creative person is.  What purposes an artisan has in the world of today and what purpose art has had throughout history.

The main character is not known by name but only by what he does.  He is an artisan himself and he lives on the outskirts of a small village.  He is woken one night by a small boy that wants to show him how to fly, how to be alive and extraordinary. This boy leads him away from the small house in the village up a mountain and over into a place the boy calls “Home”, a place filled with other artisans like himself.  The man feels like there is nothing left for him back where he lived and is very interested in this world.  The boy tells him how in this place the artisans cry out their tears that water the world and provide life to the world and yet in doing this they grow young and alive with time.  It is then that the tale echoes the beginning, telling of a time far in the future where the man, now a boy himself tells the tale to another man, another artisan that will learn of the beauty and joy to be had in crying those tears.

This tale is certainly powerful to anyone who considers themselves an artisan.  Someone who may be a writer or musician or actor will find this tale very powerful just as I have.  In fact this morning I prayed with some friends in our weekly prayer meeting for those artisans as they show their work that they will be inspired by God and his Word.  We also thanked God for showing many a dream much like this one to inspire others in a Godly manner.  It is stories like this that are given to us by God and the ideas behind them are right.

Those of us who are artisans can certainly empathize with the characters in the story as we find ourselves out of sight out of mind as Kevin says.  We work very hard on our work but as those around us just give it and us a passing glance.  But we must know that we have been given our creative gift by The Giver, that is God.  He has provided for us a place we can go to cry our tears as we give birth to our creative works.  It is only through tears that we can influence the world.  It is just as Kevin’s story says, our tears water the world and give it life.  It does not rain in our world and so it is only through our tears that the world may live on.

Please read the full story by Kevin Kaiser at his blog HERE and please learn from it as I have.  You, me, and the other artists around us can be inspired by a simple story such as this, especially one that was inspired by a dream.  Read it pass it on in the same manner as the man becomes a little boy and passes it on himself.


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