Petra: City In Stone by T.L. Higley

This new book called Petra was a great read and really enlightened me to the times of the early church as they were being persecuted in Rome and elsewhere around the world.  In this book the main characters Cassia and her son Alexander travel to the city of Petra, a city carved in stone.  When Cassia discovers that her husband was heir to the throne the Queen plots to kill Cassia’s son Alexander and calls on demonic powers to carry out her goal.  This is to have her own son gain the throne of the kingdom.  Cassia joins a Roman named Julian, who has also fled his home, and his band of believers in the Jewish Messiah.  They seek a protection and a movement from God in that wondrous city.

I really enjoyed the writing of T.L. Higley in this book as it was both elegant in the description of the city around them and exciting as the events around Cassia and her son unfolded.  She keeps you engaged in the story from page one until the conclusion!

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read and maybe someone who they have never read.  This author is a really good writer and I look forward to any future work!  You should watch the book trailer as well! Check it out:

T.L. Higley holds a degree in English Literature and has written three previous novels and more than fifty drama productions for church ministry.  She is especially passionate about “breaking down emotional and philosophical barriers that people have put up between themselves and Christ.”

I was provided this book by B&H books in hopes that I would review it, but my review and opinions are my own.  I enjoyed receiving this book, however, and hope to see some more from this publisher in the future.


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