The Pirate Queen by Patricia Hickman

The Pirate Queen is a modern drama in the life of one Saphora Warren and her relationship with her husband Bender and the rest of the family.  As I read it I truly had a hard time understanding the writing style of this book. I just can’t quite get Patricia’s style.  It was highly erratic and very confusing to me.  To get a clearer understanding of what happened in the first few pages of the book I turned to look for other reviews of the book.  Here is a pretty good description of what happened, though I didn’t know how to  figure out what was going on:

For the sake of their three children Saphora Warren stayed married to her womanizing spouse plastic surgeon Bender. However, with the nest empty, she has had enough of his cheating so decides to leave him and their affluent lifestyle. Her plan is to let Bender remain on the affluent estate overlooking Lake Norman where they just did a shoot for Southern Living magazine; she will move to their dilapidated bungalow Oriental on the Outer Banks.

As Saphora begins her exit speech, Bender interrupts with two words: “I’m Dying.” She agrees to remain with him at Oriental though she also feels like a fool for her sympathy towards the father of her children. Paradise Lost becomes more crowded than Noah’s Ark when a horde of family members arrive and townsfolk keep dropping in on them. As Saphora seeks herself she finds inadequate time to do so; instead she asks God for a sign of divine guidance to help her find Paradise Regained.

I certainly didn’t enjoy reading this book as I don’t understand it.  I need a plot that is more prevalent or more direction where the story-line is going and this book didn’t do that for me.  The different situations and conversations within the book were very hard to follow and didn’t pull me in as a reader.

I don’t enjoy a writing style like this and maybe she is just writing over my head, but that is what it felt like.  It felt like it was written for someone who possibly had studied literature, but I haven’t studied literature, and frankly that sounds too much for me.  It just doesn’t seem to connect with the everyday reader.  I don’t recommend reading this yourself and if a Patricia Hickman book shows up on the shelves of the bookstore I probably won’t be reading it.  If you think otherwise, I would love to hear your comments and would love to know why you like a book like this?  Why do you like her writing?

I find it personally interesting that there are many readers out there that pick up fiction from authors like Patricia Hickman as she has many many followers and readers.  I am obviously not the target market for writing like this, but there are many who would rave about how amazing her writing is.  Case in point, she is an award winning author.  Somebody loves it, just not me.

More about Patricia Hickman:

Patricia Hickman, M.F.A., is an award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction whose work has been praised by critics and readers alike. Patricia first studied creative writing at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and then went on to do graduate studies in creative writing at Queens University. She writes for major publishers and is currently at work on her eighteen book, a novel set in the North Carolina Piedmont. Her next novel,The Pirate Queen, will release Summer 2010, a story that takes readers journeying from suburban Lake Norman, NC to the sailing villages of the Outer Banks. She has served as a writing professor at UNCC and taught in writing workshops across the country offering her popular “Creating Characters-Giving Story People Life” workshops and courses on fiction.

I have written this review purely from my own opinions and have not been asked by any publisher to write a review for them.


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