The Circle Series 4-in-1 by Ted Dekker (Pt. 1 of 2)

The Circle by Ted Dekker 4 in 1 book cover

Ted Dekker‘s greatest books are finally together under one binding and they couldn’t look better!  When you pick it up it has weight but is certainly lighter than if you were carrying around all of the books.  Not that you would….or would you?  It finally looks like an actual book of history with the leather thong and all.

Now all of that is nice and all, but Ted decided to make this particular edition extra special.  THIS version of the circle books has an alternate ending, and yes you read that right.  A new ending to the book series that so many fans have grown to love!

Ted Dekker’s book series began back in February of 2005 with a novel by the name of Black.  Black is the tale of a man by the name of Thomas Hunter and his dreams, but these are no ordinary dreams as Thomas discovers that he is travelling between two worlds, one of them being far into our future.  He struggles with the idea of which one is real, but most of all he struggles with something he knows.  He knows that there will come The Great Deception over the earth and many will die.  He also knows that the world now faces an all too deadly virus called the Raison Strain.  Thomas Hunter is the only one that can do anything as he is the only one who travels to the colored forests of the other world.  Even worse than that he has already died….twice.

Thomas Hunter is chased by a killer in one world who is desperate to stop him and in the other world Thomas becomes engrossed in the world that worships Elyon.  In this other world there is what is called The Great Romance, a love between the creator and the created.  In this world there are colored forests and fuzzy white bats, but there is darkness as well.  Darkness and light are much more physical in this world and darkness shows itself in the form of a great black bat called Teeleh.  A bat that is enticing and quite creepy at the same time.

Black is the funnel that sucks you in and never lets you go and is an amazing part of Ted Dekker’s work.  The thing is that once you have started with Black it never lets you go and you must read on, in Red.  Dekker is great at keeping you through the books and in this case it is really great to have the books packaged back to back.  All you have to do is turn the page and keep reading!

Red by Ted Dekker book coverIn Red, Dekker continues his work and builds the excitement even more.  Thomas has not dreamed for 15 years and many things have changed.  Instead of colored forests there are now only 7 lakes with small forests but everywhere else there is just desert.  In this desert a new enemy has risen up known as the Horde.  The Horde is plagued by a skin disease only healed by the water in the lakes.  It is this water that the people of the forests live and thrive on but even all that water cannot help the oncoming Horde.  The Forest people are making a last stand against the enemy when a man named Justin proposes a truce between the two.  The “Great Romance is not followed as well even among those of the forest and Thomas must face against that enemy as well.  Justin comes at a time that is highly dividing to the people, and Thomas must do something about the things he says, as Justin is bordering on blasphemy.  In our world Thomas continues to fight against those that continue to spread the Raison Strain and the world turns towards war as things escalate.

Ted Dekker writes these books so eloquently and makes it such an interesting and fun tale to read!  You must read these books, whether together or individually, but I warn you, you won’t be able to put it down!  Dekker writes the plot so thick with action and intrigue that your head is spinning by the end.  Read my next post for my review on White and Green, the second half of the four book series!


3 thoughts on “The Circle Series 4-in-1 by Ted Dekker (Pt. 1 of 2)

  1. WOW, the only book I’ve read has been The Bride Collector. I fell in LOVE with his writing style and actually think he’s better than James Patterson. I will definately be checking out these books Loved your review!

    1. I am so excited that you found the mind of Dekker… His books are so amazing… I already believe you are his biggest fan 🙂 And yet you still don’t even know it… haha Way to go, welcome to the club, and please don’t stop… by all means… keep reading more! 🙂 P.s I still haven’t read the Bride Collector, I will certainly run to purchase a Dekker book this weekend… I need my fix… ;P Blessings! See ya around!

  2. I love your review… Simply Amazing… Well, I have been searching through cyberspace, trying to find out what the book will actually look like, alas I have found your blog! Here is what I am still not certain about. When you describe the book, are you speaking from experience (i.e seeing one in person, holding it, owning one) or are your just sharing your perspective according to the images online? Amazon releases the book on 2/1/11 and I am thinking of ordering it… I have already read the Circle Series including Green, so I am most curious as to whether I should buy individual copies and add them to my “Dekker Collection” or if this new book will be super bulky etc. Love the fact of the leather strap etc… Let me know your ideas… I truly appreciate and value your opinion… again… GREAT REVIEW

    P.S Val Pearson… Dekker is amazing in all his writings… don’t ever question yourself about whether any book will or won’t be a good read… because he will always blow your mind away… This certainly happened to me with Immanuel’s Veins. I guess that just comes along with having the mind of Christ renewing you daily 🙂

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