Blessed Child by Ted Dekker

Bill Bright and Ted Dekker had a wonderful book in their hands from it’s inception.  Blessed Child is a novel about a young boy named Caleb who is left in the care of one Jason Marker.  Jason is a Peace Corps representative working in the heart of Ethiopia.  He runs into Leiah, a Red Cross nurse who is covered in physical scars from her past, but it is Caleb that brings them together and Caleb that launches their adventure around the world.  Something seems a bit different about Caleb, and when he comes to the U.S. with Jason unusual things begin to happen.  Caleb has the heart and the faith of the child he is and when extraordinary powers begin to show through him he believes God is giving him this gift.  Of course no one else can believe it is God and so Caleb is tested for his powers.

He heals a paraplegic, gives sight to a boy, and even raises a man from the dead.  Caleb was placed in the hands of Father Nikolous at Sunnyside Orphanage when he arrived in the U.S. and since Caleb is his charge Nikolous begins to use Caleb’s power.  He begins to get groups of people together to be healed by Caleb, and Caleb gladly heals whatever ails them, but Nikolous does it for profit.  The healings begin to grow in size and stature until the whole world is watching.  But that is not all!  A politician realizes that Caleb’s ablility will destroy his future and has a killer go after the boy.

Dekker writes that the whole time no-one can believe that the power comes from God through Caleb’s faith and yet it is his faith that has begun to falter.  He has been kept pure and seperate from the world for his whole life and now he is exposed to a world of sin and darkness.  Caleb can see what no-one else can see, and he can see by faith alone.  We see deep into an uncorrupted heart that aches for those of us who are so dark.  When he discovers how Nikolous is using him for evil and he suffers through his time at the Orphanage his faith begins to falter.  However, God is at work in the hearts of Jason and Leiah.  They begin to fall in love with each other, and Jason accepts her scarred body as beautiful.  They begin to see through Caleb and each other the unconditional love of God and how faith can change how we see things.

The book is action packed cover to cover and it draws you along with every word on the page.  It is such an exciting and interesting tale I could not put it down for one moment, even to catch my breath!  As the trio face the odds in front of them they do so with their newfound faith and hope.  This faith and hope are key!

You should definitely pick up this book at your local barnes & noble or christian book store and read it as soon as you can!  It is an exciting wonderful read that you are sure to never forget!  Check it out!  This is definitely not a Ted Dekker book to miss!


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