The Priest’s Graveyard

Ted Dekker has done it again. The Priest’s Graveyard is a hit out of the ballpark and into the hands of millions of readers. But what makes it so amazing? Ted Dekker has managed to create characters that we can feel, that we can understand and agree with, and characters that connect with the hearts and minds of every reader.

Ted Dekker weaves a tale about a woman by the name of Renee Gilmore, her savior Lamont, and a priest called Danny Hansen. Danny grew up in Bosnia, and in 1992 fighting broke out between the Serbs and the Croats, but it was more than that. It was a war between the Orthodox and the Catholic Christians. Christians killing Christians in the name of God. It was one day in the fall of 92 that Danny’s village was attacked. When the men came to his house his mother and sisters were raped and killed, and Danny decided then that justice must be had. He killed those men just as he would kill others to come.

Danny created his own brand of justice. He became a priest who deals in this justice. Justice brought on the end of a knife and a gun when the guilty don’t see the light. Sure there were those that changed their ways, but the others…

Renee Gilmore was addicted to heroin, it took over her body and her mind, and one of those nights it seemed her end would come. Her dealer had come to collect, even if it meant her life. Luckily a man named Lamont came her way and saved her, risking everything for her safety. Lamont is a man of the law, trusting that it is always best to trust the authorities, but when Lamont mysteriously disappears Renee is alone in the world once again. Renee is lost, and the only way she feels she can find herself is to bring her own brand of justice upon the person who is responsible.

Renee and Danny are brought together by this one thread, this thirst for justice, even if you have to deal it yourself, and so they both desire the very same thing. When Renee and Danny come together to work there is both great danger and adventure to be had, and you will find yourself asking questions about your own morality. What is right? Is it Justice if you are the one who brings it? It it right to work that justice in the name of God? To kill?

This very dilemma drives the story forward towards some truly rocky seas. What would you do if your daughter was being raped? Is it right to kill the man responsible? The story is so amazing with all it’s twists and turns, and it you must definitely read it NOW! So I definitely recommend the book, and though I am a little biased since I love every Ted Dekker book, I think that anyone who has never read one of his books will love it as well. So check it out and enjoy, it will definitely keep you up many late nights!

This book was supplied by Center Street books, but the opinion is 100% my own. So go get the book on the 19th! It really is that good!


2 thoughts on “The Priest’s Graveyard

  1. Escapism has reached its full potential! From the first word, I entered into another world and often forgot that I was just reading a book! Dekker has a skill at character formation that other authors must envy. It is not uncommon for a reader to be relate to his characters; however, Priest’s Graveyard was exceptional! Rather than relating to them, I felt as if I BECAME the character (hence why I often forgot I was reading). This book was impossible to put down! It made me cry on one page and then on the very next page I was laughing! As someone who has read the majority of Ted Dekker’s books, I am used to a variety of emotions in 1 book, but Priest’s Graveyard blew me away! For the first time, I couldn’t dislike the killer! I think all of us can relate to Danny Hansen. Before the release, Dekker asked fans if they would kill someone if it would stop a rape; the question threw me off guard until now. I was forced to search myself once again (as I do with all of Dekker’s books) since every time Danny killed, in my mind I was understanding and supportive. The references to law were enough to bring me to tears as I was reminded of how we were trapped by the law until we were rescued by Christ! Priest’s Graveyard lived up to all of my expectations and then some! I will be recommending this book for a long time!

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