The Strange Man

I recently reviewed this book for The Christian Manifesto, but you should know about this book if you don’t already!  Therefore I am re-posting my review here for your great enjoyment!  It is quite the thriller, and you get to read a short story at the back of the book, which I also reviewed HERE, so check it out!

The Strange Man is the first act in the upcoming Christian horror trilogy,The Coming Evil, which tells of a world filled with horror movies and comic books, where there is no longer anyone who believes in such things, but yet they are still real.  Dras Weldon has grown up in this world hearing of monsters and goblins, and of the creature called the Bogeyman who takes away bad little girls and boys.  Dras is a twenty-two-year-old unemployed man stuck in the world of adolescence, collecting GI Joe figures in his unkempt apartment.  He has lived a life under the watchful eye of his older brother Jeff, the local pastor.  Dras has always professed Christianity but has never had a life of spirituality, but soon everything he believes in will be put to the test. Continue reading “The Strange Man”


The Day Metallica Came to Church

When you think of Metallica what do you think of?  Do you think of some heavy metal concert you went to with some of your friends or do you think of “the band that is going to hell”?  Have you ever heard of the houseplant song?  It is an old favorite of mine, written by the christian band Audio Adrenaline which I have been fortunate enough to see a few times.  The song they wrote goes a little like this:

Once I read a book
And this is what it said
If your music has a beat
Then you’re gonna wind up dead
It doesn’t really matter if it’s Christian or not
If it’s syncopated rhythm then your soul is gonna rot
And this book was called “Ha! Your Gonna Burn”
And in the second chapter I went on to learn Continue reading “The Day Metallica Came to Church”

Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado

Max Lucado delivers again in this stunning book that seeks to awaken a movement among christians that will rock this world.  What would happen if the events that took place in the book of acts took place just in our home towns?  In our back yards and on our porches?  What would happen if we christians cared for the world as Christ calls for us to do many times throughout the bible?  What if we gave a little to pay for a well in africa or to feed the hungry or clothe the naked? Continue reading “Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado”

Great Parents, Lousy Lovers by Dr. Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham

This new book does seem to take the form of many similar self-help books on love in a relationship but in reality Great Parents, Lousy Lovers gives you a fresh take on how you should live your life towards your spouse.  It attempts to be new and fresh in many ways and I believe it succeeds in that goal quite well and it keeps this book rather interesting from beginning to end.

A parent in todays fast paced world can be a great parent and yet still have a healthy love life, which is very important in a happy marriage.  This is the philosophy that drives this book and it is this idea that is reinforced throughout.  The book gives great insight into a typical marriage today and how one is to balance being a good parent with being a great lover. Continue reading “Great Parents, Lousy Lovers by Dr. Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham”

Quick Preview: Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick

Sun Stand Still is a new book and small group study by Stephen Furtick and it looks to change the way we view and use faith.  To give us a renewed faith that is strong in Christ.  There are also videos by the author to use for small group discussion.

This new book pushes forward and looks to God as the source of all that is good.  It asks us to place everything in the arms of God as we ask him for physical and spiritual healing, ask for our every waking need.  There is a lot to be learned for many Christians today as many of us have little to no faith in God and what he will do for us.

I definitely recommend this book to those who are struggling in our faith, which is really all of us.  I’m sure the study will be highly beneficial for those looking for more.  So check it out for yourself when it comes out September 21st!

BANNED-Immanuel’s Veins

Ted Dekker is a great author and writer of some of my very favorite novels.  Among those novels is his new book Immanuel’s Veins.  This novel is full of amazing imagery depicting vampires in a new light, with chivalry and fighting enough.  The story is largely a love story however, and also largely reflects upon the biblical story in the Song of Solomon also known as Song of Songs.  It is this reason why Immanuel’s Veins has been banned from Holland.  It is seen as far too sensual of a book for a christian audience and so the publisher refused to print the book. Song of Solomon is a highly sensual book of the Bible and many churches tend to steer away from teaching from it while other churches will use it in marriage courses and such.  The question among many is whether or not Song of Solomon is appropriate for many audiences.  Does it go too far?

My question is, why are you asking that question of a book of the Bible?  The Bible says all Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.  I understand that Immanuel’s veins is not on the same plane as the Bible of course so I am not equating the two, but the message contained within the book is one of a biblical, sensual love.  This kind of love is very beautiful in the eyes of our Creator God and should be viewed with respect.  All Immanuel’s Veins did was emulate this same love within the realm of fiction.  Does this make it wrong?  Is Song of Solomon wrong?

Please comment and let me know what you think!  Do you feel the same way or do you think sex should have no part in christian literature?  Where is the line drawn for you?

I definitely recommend Immanuel’s Veins to you so please read my review for the book!

What in the World Is Going On? by Dr. David Jeremiah

What in the World Is Going On? is a highly interesting book written about the end time prophecies and is written rather well.  This book is probably one of the most simple and easiest to understand, which is often a major hurdle when reading about prophecy.  The book speaks of ten signs that you cannot ignore about future events.  These 10 signs present themselves as 10 chapters within this book as Dr. David Jeremiah focuses on each for a while. Continue reading “What in the World Is Going On? by Dr. David Jeremiah”

This Is Your Brain on Joy by Dr. Earl Henslin

What does our brain have to do with our happiness?  Does all that grey matter really govern over our ability to experience joy?  Of course it does, and Dr. Earl Henslin explains how it all works in This Is Your Brain on Joy.  What’s better is he manages to keep it simple for the everyday reader.  I have to admit that when I began reading this book I did not expect much, and I thought it would be a rather boring book.  I was very wrong.  In fact, as I was reading the first part of the book I was happily distracted by an amusing look into the author’s own life and family.  It was this and other points like it that kept me interested and reading.  You will be too! Continue reading “This Is Your Brain on Joy by Dr. Earl Henslin”

The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis

The Problem of Pain

The Problem of Pain by Christian Apologist and Author C.S. Lewis is an exploration of pain and how is raises so many theological and intellectual problems. It focuses on one question, but explores every aspect of the debate thoroughly. Why would an all-loving, all-knowing God allow people to experience pain and suffering? Reading this great book is not for the casual reader and you should expect to be intellectually challenged. The Problem of Pain is a very difficult read, but it brings up ideas and concepts that most writers ever attempt to bring up, but as long as you can get past all of the big words, the lessons to be learned are much bigger. Continue reading “The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis”

Tea With Hezbollah by Ted Dekker

Tea with Hezbollah

Tea with Hezbollah is a journey to find out whether it is possible to truly love one’s enemies. It is both awe-inspiring and downright terrifying at points, as the authors Ted Dekker and Carl Medearis embark on this highly unusual journey. This journey covered thousands of miles, and not a single mile of that was wasted. Continue reading “Tea With Hezbollah by Ted Dekker”