The Forsaken by Estevan Vega

Estevan Vega has done it again, writing yet another gritty and truly terrifying novel, The Forsaken. This time he weaves a tale about Jude Foster, a cop on the trail of a supernatural serial killer. The killer doesn’t kill them by any natural means and brands each of his victims with the mark of a broken cross. There are no witnesses and very little information to go on besides what the killer purposefully leaves behind. So how do you chase down a killer like that?
Jude goes on a full scale assault to take down the killer who he had chased once before, a year before the events of The Forsaken. He uses every resource available to him and now with the help of a new partner, Rachel, the daughter of a former detective on the force. Both Jude and Rachel have something to prove, that they belong there, hunting down killers.
Estevan Vega is a wonderful storyteller and an expert in the psyche of his characters, allowing the reader some sort of an emotional bond with characters not normally relatable. The viewpoint of the story switches from time to time inside each of the characters to give you that deeper understanding of who they are. Even minor characters sometimes share the limelight.
As Jude gets closer and closer to catching his killer we find ourselves diving deeper and deeper into his character and into his past. Jude has a real darkness inside of him and a terrible past to match. Jude is facing his own demons as it were, and he draws himself closer and closer to the most powerful one of all. Can he fight off the evil that surrounds him and lives within him as well?
The Forsaken is a wonderful psychological thriller, but beware! If you thought Estevan was dark and edgy before he has managed to take that several shades darker. Some moments of The Forsaken are truly terrifying, belonging in a really creepy horror film. If you like creepy, then you will definitely love this book! Estevan Vega will keep you glued to the pages with excellent pacing and keep you awake at night with his amazing sense of imagery. So check this book out and if you like it be sure to read his other books such as Arson and Ashes!