Dr. Seuss

What kind of books did you read while growing up?  Chances are that you read at least one Dr. Seuss book in your life.  At first they all just seem like a crazy story made up in a crazy part of the mind, but take another look and you just might learn something more.

Have you ever read The Sneeches?  It tells of these creatures that are segregated into stars and no-stars on their stomachs.  Seuss wrote this book to tell young children about segregation and racism.  Seuss even experienced it himself as he was mistaken for a Jew, even though he was a German Christian.  Seuss was made fun of and he saw others in the same situation and felt the need to do something about it.  Seuss was not always on the right side though, as during World War II he was for the Japanese imprisonment and believed it was good how we treated them.  I believe that Seuss had a change of heart when he realized what he was saying years later when he began to write Horton Hears a Who. Continue reading “Dr. Seuss”