The Topkapi Secret

There is a book, hidden for many years from prying eyes, that contains many secrets.  Blood was spilt over this book, literally on it, and this murder caused the split between Sunni and Shiite Muslims today.  This book is called the Topkapi codex, kept safe at the Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul.  It is this manuscript that the new book The Topkapi Secret is about.  The author, Terry Kelhawk, did an amazing job of researching the information for this book.  It raises such questions about the integrity of the modern Koran that it could be called a new DaVinci Code, but in this case, it is based on fact, not fiction.  To see, take a look at all of the sources Terry provides in the appendix.

The Topkapi Secret begins with the two characters of Mohammed Atareek, a researcher of ancient Koranic manuscripts, and Angela Hall, a UC Berkley English professor.  Mohammed is interested in the integrity of the Koran, and is looking at all the old manuscripts to try to find something of use, but the real manuscript he wants to see is the Topkapi codex, and none are allowed access to it.  Angela is recovering from the recent loss of a friend and colleague as well as a recent divorce.  She ventures to the Middle East with a friend and is enjoying her trip when she runs into Mohammed, who rushes off with her in search of adventure and the Topkapi codex. Continue reading “The Topkapi Secret”