When Colors Bleed by Estevan Vega

Estevan Vega is far from being a household name today heard in Christian circles but his is a name you soon won’t forget. Estevan Vega is perhaps one of the very best writers out there today with his first major novel Arson just recently releasing. That is one of my favorite pieces of fiction in a long time, and so when the opportunity to read his collection of short stories, When Colors Bleed, came up I could not pass it up!

The collection begins with the story Baby Blue, which is a romantic tragedy told oh so elegantly. It consists of the characters of Casey, a struggling girl who has never found love, and Thomas Rayford, a mysterious man who comes in one day from the rain looking for a suit in Casey’s store. He comes back week after week only looking at one suit, a baby blue one that no-one else will buy. He tells her how it is beautiful to him and how special it is even though he is the only one who looks at it. The story develops in a way that captured me instantly and took me along on a magical ride. The ending was as marvelous as it was tragic and it left my mind unravelling.

That is not all however. The second story is Vanilla Red, a tale of a man locked up for life in a padded cell. But what makes this story so powerful is the perspective. It is told from within the mind of this man, a man so crazy it is hard to understand. Diving beneath the skin of this character onto the path that led to this cell is almost poetic. It has a lyrical and almost beautiful feel to this horrific and terrifying story, lending the character an almost sane quality. It is some truly amazing prose and my favorite of this collection.

The final tale is called The Man in the Colored Room. It is equally mysterious as the first and as beautiful as the second, but is about a man who finds himself waking up in this colored room for an unknown reason. As the reader figures out the mystery of it all you are learning alongside the man so it really brings you into the story. The ending is unforeseen and it is truly amazing how Estevan Vega can manage it in such a short tale. You must read When Colors Bleed, and you will be hooked on his writing forever after!


The Strange Man

I recently reviewed this book for The Christian Manifesto, but you should know about this book if you don’t already!  Therefore I am re-posting my review here for your great enjoyment!  It is quite the thriller, and you get to read a short story at the back of the book, which I also reviewed HERE, so check it out!

The Strange Man is the first act in the upcoming Christian horror trilogy,The Coming Evil, which tells of a world filled with horror movies and comic books, where there is no longer anyone who believes in such things, but yet they are still real.  Dras Weldon has grown up in this world hearing of monsters and goblins, and of the creature called the Bogeyman who takes away bad little girls and boys.  Dras is a twenty-two-year-old unemployed man stuck in the world of adolescence, collecting GI Joe figures in his unkempt apartment.  He has lived a life under the watchful eye of his older brother Jeff, the local pastor.  Dras has always professed Christianity but has never had a life of spirituality, but soon everything he believes in will be put to the test. Continue reading “The Strange Man”

The Place by Kevin Kaiser

I recently read a short story by Kevin Kaiser, brand manager of Creative Trust and the man behind Ted Dekker.  He is a very creative person and I thought it would be cool to share my thoughts on that short story that he wrote.  It currently goes by the title of The Place and it really seems to be an exploration of the ideas of what a creative person is.  What purposes an artisan has in the world of today and what purpose art has had throughout history.

The main character is not known by name but only by what he does.  He is an artisan himself and he lives on the outskirts of a small village.  He is woken one night by a small boy that wants to show him how to fly, how to be alive and extraordinary. Continue reading “The Place by Kevin Kaiser”

Arson by Estevan Vega

Arson by Estevan Vega is a tragic tale of a boy who is called by the name Arson Gable.  Arson has lived his whole life running from people who would judge him for the events of his past, but now those events seem to be catching up with him.  However he isn’t the only one running, everyone seems to be running from their own past.  Arson is always remembering the tragic day that changed his life forever through fire.  That day changed him in more ways than one, he now wields the power of flame from within his very hands.   Continue reading “Arson by Estevan Vega”

The Borrower: A short story by Estevan Vega

The Borrower is a chilling tale as told by the brilliant mind that is Estevan Vega.  He. oh so eloquently speaks of life and of death in such a way that is both eerie and beautiful.  This short story speaks of a man that has lived for several centuries because of a choice he one made to live forever.  It speaks of loss and grief and warns us against the perils of wanting more than we have been granted on this earth.  Estevan creates his tale in such a way that reminds me strongly of many an Edgar Allen Poe story.  The beginning of his tale is a little hectic though and does take a little to get into, but the writing skill is very very prevalent and so I applaud Estevan for this work.  It had me intrigued and really made me think about what was really going on.  I do wish to note that though I was given the book by the author as a part of his new book Arson, this in no way influenced my opinion of his work.  I supremely enjoyed it and I hope you will pick up a copy of Arson if only to flip to the back to read this short story of his, truly brilliant! (Please don’t just flip to the back however as Arson is truly a great read as well, and I will post my review of that later on today! I do hope you enjoy it, I sure did!)